Our Vision

What does it mean to Be the Difference?

  • It’s our call to action that drives you every day.
  • It’s our competitive advantage.
  • The DNA that drives our strategy.
  • It’s the magical glue that binds us with our customers, employees, business partners, and community.

Ashley HomeStores is not just a furniture store robotically manned by mercenary furniture sellers. Furniture is in our blood and it is the channel in which we use to allow our vision, to breathe.

Where did this come from? Here’s the Monnin Groups story.

It was 1945 – the world was torn apart by World War II. It was a time for Americans to start over. Mike Goffena, David and Ben Monnin’s grandfather, started over by opening a furniture, appliance and carpet store in Sidney, Ohio.

In 1989, Dave and Sandy Monnin started their own home furnishings store in Bellefontaine, Highland Home Furnishings. It was here that their sons David and Ben grew up and learned their craft from their parents.

Their family and upbringing gave them a means to express their vision. David and Ben were born to Be the Difference. Their vision is all about their walk, not their talk. They lead with soul. They look beyond their own skins. They observe and learn other people’s wants and needs. Then they do their very best to deliver on those desires. Their vision accounts for a lot more than just customers. It embraces all the groups who have a vested interest in David and Ben’s company.

Being the Difference is a bigger picture than you think…

Furniture is not a luxury, but a necessity. The human body cannot stand upright 24/7. Our customers have environmental needs in their homes and you are Being the Difference for them as you solve their furniture problems. No matter how big or small, their home furnishing problems are our problems.

We can be the difference to our customers, our partner, and most importantly our communities by helping them reach their fullest potential.

Being the Difference in the community…

As the business has grown, so has our community service. Ashley HomeStore continue to broaden our community efforts by providing beds to local children in need through our “Hope to Dream” program, or with our Surprize Guys giving back to the community one room at a time, as well as our huge commitment and support to local veterans.

It is not the destination, it’s a journey. Be the Difference is more than what they want to happen. These three powerful words express what they want to be.

It is not necessary for you to perfect Being the Difference. It is only necessary that you constantly explore Being the Difference. Through this exploration, you will automatically find that you are Being the Difference time and time again.

Our vision is a clear, simple statement that identifies us and binds us together…

…Be the Difference…

Surprize Guys!

Who are the Suprize Guys

Do you remember what it is liked to be Surprized? We mean really Surprized, where you can’t help but jump, smile, or even yell a little bit. Nothing beats that feeling of excitement, and that’s where we come in, The Surprize Guys of Ashley HomeStore. We want to spread that feeling of happiness to the wonderful surrounding communities.

We are not mask wearing, cape crusading heroes that swoop in to fight evildoers. We are a team of extraordinary people who have come together to bring a little cheer and enjoyment back to our community, and dare you to Dream big!

Ashley HomeStore of Grand Rapids/Ohio

For more than 25 years, The Monnin Group Ashley HomeStores has set out to prove furniture retailer can be more than just a place to purchase furniture, it can be driving force behind community improvement.

Ashley HomeStore design and craft timeless styles that are comfortable and livable. For our guests, living the American dream is as affordable as it is priceless.

We may be family owned, but there’s no mistaking who we ultimately answer to, the community and our customers! Our goal is to earn your business with an exceptional shopping experience, knowledgeable sales associates and dedicated customer care.

Meet the Team!

Our team at each store is dedicated to “Be the Difference” and help you Dare to Dream what you can do with your home!

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